On the beach in front of one of México's most coveted surf breaks...

Since our start, our two families have provided a clean convenient location to enjoy surfing one of Mexico's longest left point waves, offering a mellow laidback scene that allows maximum time in the water chasing waves without driving. The Saladita surf lineup still enjoys a more fun relaxed attitude, just be respectful and aware.

Hang in the hammock watching surf conditions and be in the line up moments later. End the day out front watching the sunset, or at Ilianet’s restaurant, under a palm, toes in the sand, watching the waves, enjoying a meal, catching the last rays, or all of the above...

1 707 444 2767
In the US or Canada call toll free:
1 877 927 6928 (1 877 warm wave)

Here is a quick video to show where we are and highlight the surf break here in Playa Saladita, Mexico

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