Playa Saladita

Playa Saladita

Playa Saladita is a long consistent left point cobble reef break, fun from waist to overhead all year long. Like a reversed Malibu, the wave has a forgiving take-off and long playful faces to ride, some as long as 60sec plus in 80-85 degrees (F) water. The wave is a blast for experienced surfers and suitable for beginners, with biggest southern swells arriving mid March-October and more mellow still fun westerly swells from November-February. Rainy season is generally August-September. It is a great wave for long boarders, but short boarders will also find waves to carve.

Playa Saladita has maintained its low-key, laid back welcoming vibe, where the biggest smiles are as important as the wave count.

Surf, swim, SUP, charter a fishing boat or boat to other surf spots, kayak nearby estuary to birdwatch, visit Isla Ixtapa to reef snorkel, eat delicious food nearby, nap, relax, soak in the sun, hang out in the hammocks, take a walk on the beach, get a massage, and chill. Many just fly with a carryon and walk to the surf for their entire trip from Casas Playa Saladita.


Other breaks nearby:
Troncones is south 30 min by car. It has a shorter left point break, and challenging right and left beach breaks.
The Ranch is north 40 min by car, 25min by boat. It has a left hybrid beach/point break getting more energetic direct southern swell.
Palo Alto is north 45 min by car, 30 min by boat. It has a shorter A-frame with rights and lefts depending on swell.

In addition there are other surf spots to explore by car further away in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, but Saladita is an excellent base to explore from and an ideal beach to call home.

Surf Lessons: Saladita Surf School is located next to Casas Playa Saladita. They provide detailed instructions from friendly knowledgeable and boards. 

Board Rentals: Casas Playa Saladita has a range of boards 6-6ft Fish to 10-2 Classics, plus Saladita Surf School next door has longboards, some SUPs and softops, and there are several other locations down the beach with dozens of boards to rent.

Videos of you that Support Local Schools: You can often see and get videos of yourself and others in the waves by visiting: where you can also make any donation to help the local schools. Debbie S. Day has been making and sharing excellent surf videos as a hobby for years and has been passionate about helping out the schools with projects, large and small, using 100% of whatever people have given her as appreciation for the joy of having a few videos of their vacation waves. It is truly remarkable what a difference she has made with the her efforts and the generosity of surfers.

Dining/food: Playa La Saladita has a few walkable beach Enramadas to choose from. However, we suggest Enramada Ilianet located right in front of Casas Playa Saladita. Great food and an unobstructed view of the surf.
Also, in Troncones, our neighbor village to the south(30 min by car or taxi), are several choices for lunch and dinner.
If cooking yourself, you can do a big shop for food on your way to the beach from the airport in Zihuatanejo at MegaSoriana or grab essentials in Los Llanos at SuperPati on main drag or Lalo’s behind the church.

Enramada Ilanet

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