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Other Activities

Surf Video/Photographer WAX
video-pic02Videographer and photographer “Wax” can record your visit to the Mexico surf like no other. Wax also took all of the wave and surfing photos for the Casas Playa Saladita website.


Jesus Ambario is a great surfer and local guide, but you can call him Chiminique (Pronounced “Chee me knee kay”). He can pick you up from the airport or from your room and put you at any wave location along the coast that you might want to experience on your surf vacation in Mexico. From the U.S., you can dial his home
phone at 011 52 755 55 384 40 to arrange times and price.

Available at the Casas Playa Saladita:

  • Cooking Lessons by Celina
  • Surf Board Rentals
  • Massages by Hilda
    Phone: 044 755 108 0528